April 2020 Fairyloot – Unboxing

april 2020 fairyloot

Hi everyone! How’s it going? Today, I bring you my unboxing of the April 2020 Fairyloot box. Like the March box, this box was delayed due to the pandemic, but the Fairyloot team has worked hard to get these boxes to us as soon as possible. And they kept us updated throughout the process, so thank you to them! And also a big thank you for not using any plastic wrapping in this box, I really love that. Now, let’s get started with this unboxing!

The theme for the April 2020 Fairyloot box was “Memories”. As always, we begin this unboxing with the spoiler card, which has artwork by Taratjah on the reverse. You can see this artwork in the big image at the top of this post. I think this is one of my favourites ever, it’s just absolutely stunning!

Secret book and tote bag

The first item in this box in the Secret Book Vol. III, designed by Noverantale. This is the third time we get one of these secret books. It’s basically a box, designed to look like a fancy old book. On the inside, there are quotes about memories from novels like The Lord of the Rings, A Court of Wings and Ruin, and more.

april 2020 fairyloot secret book

The next item is something I always love finding in these boxes. It’s a tote bag! This one is designed by FantasticalFeminism and is inspired by Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series. On one side, it reads “The Court of Terrasen”, and on the other side there’s the quote “So they can look up at the sky, no matter where they are, and know Terrasen is forever with them.” It looks great, and it appears to be a pretty sturdy bag as well!

april 2020 fairyloot tote bag

Washi tape and sticky tabs

Up next, we have an item that always comes in handy when journaling. It’s a roll of washi tape, inspired by Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. TillAndDill designed this gorgeous item. It has glitter all over, and the stars and feathers are shimmery gold! I’ve always wanted to try my hand at journaling, but I’m always afraid that it’ll look bad. But with this tape, I’m sure it’ll look great, no matter how good I am at it!

Speaking of sticky items… The next item is a set of sticky tabs in the shape of emoji. Perfect to mark those swoony, funny, or NOPE! passages in your books. I have to admit I don’t use sticky tabs in novels, but they’re also useful for recipe books; among other things.

Pin and pin flag

One series where memories not only play an important part, but where they are even visible, is Harry Potter. ThatsLovelyDearShop created an enamel pin in the shape of a memory vial. It’s white and gold, and super pretty!

Now where do I put all those pins I get from Fairyloot boxes? On a pin banner! This one was designed by DustAndPages and is inspired by Renée Ahdieh’s The Beautiful. I love the silver and the lion’s head!

Tarot cards and more

Before we move on to the featured book of the month, we have the traditional tarot cards. Gabriella.Bujdoso designed these gorgeous cards inspired by the Throne of Glass series. Five of Cups is Dorian, while Six of Cups is Manon (who is arguably my favourite character in the series, sorry Aelin!).

Furthermore, there is also a bookmark with this month’s artwork, and the Fairyscoop newsletter.

The book of the month

And now it’s time to reveal the featured book of the April 2020 Fairyloot box! It’s… Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova! The story is set in a world inspired by 15th-century Spain, where magic is feared and rebels are trying to overthrow the crown. Renata, who was kidnapped by the crown when she was a child, is a memory thief – the rarest and most feared of the magical Moria. She was used to carry out the King’s Wrath, a siege that resulted in the deaths of thousands of her own people. Now Renata is one of the Whispers, a rebel spy working against the crown. When Dez, her commander – and the boy she loves – is taken captive, Renata must return to the palace to complete his top-secret mission.

april 2020 fairyloot book

Doesn’t that sound amazing?! I can’t wait to start reading this, I’ve been waiting for such a long time! And it’s an exclusive edition as well. Where the regular cover has a red background, here it’s dark blue. The book also comes with red sprayed edges, artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket (see picture below), and it is signed by the author! There is also a letter from the author, with even more artwork on the reverse (above, right). Both this artwork and the art on the reverse of the dust jacket are by Taratjah!


And that’s it for my unboxing of the April 2020 Fairyloot box. What were your favourite items? Mine are the tote bag and the secret book!

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