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3 bookish things

It’s too hooooooot! Seriously, all I can do is hang on the couch with cold drinks and occasional ice packs. It’s even too hot to read, who knew there was such a thing, right? I hope to finish this current book by next week though. Probably not by Tuesday, but hopefully by Friday. To keep you entertained during my Great Reading Slump of 2018, I dug up a book tag called 3 Bookish Things! By which I mean I found it over at Paperfury‘s blog (go check out her posts, they’re all awesome!), so here we go!

3 Favourite Authors

Hah, I already have second thoughts about this tag. How am I supposed to choose?! I don’t think there’s an author that’s an auto-buy for me though, but these three I really love:

JK Rowling: Not a very original answer, I guess. But I grew up with Harry Potter and Rowling’s books showed me how much is possible in stories.

Sarah J Maas: Not that her books are perfect, I have some issues with a few things she’s written about. But I’m a sucker for slow-burn romances and if there’s one thing Maas does well, it’s this type of love story!

Juliet Marillier: It’s been a while since I last read a book by Marillier, so I’m making a note right now to check out her new work. Daughter of the Forest is one of my favourite books of all time and one of the few books I’ve actually reread (3 times even!).

3 Weirdest Things Used As A Bookmark

A blanket: This is usually an emergency solution when I’m reading in bed and one of my cats starts puking. I put the book on the bed, put a corner of the blanket or sheet between the pages to mark where I was, and off I go to clean up cat vomit.

My phone: sort of the same story, perfect for emergencies with not an actual bookmark in sight.

Twigs/blades of grass: The perfect solution for outside reading!

3 Series Binged

Do I really have to limit myself to 3? I like to wait until the entire series is published before I start the first book, so there’s plenty of these. But I’ll just pick some examples.

Outlander: Even though the later books don’t have the same charm as the first and second parts, this is still such a great series.

The Wheel of Time: This one took me literally a year to finish. Back then I didn’t read as much as I do now, so I needed almost a month per book. And I’m glad I binged this, because the cast is just too vast to remember in between books.

The Lord of the Rings: Aaah, my first encounter with epic fantasy. I watched the first movie, then read all the books (and then watched the other movies in the following years).

3 Characters You Love

Veronica Speedwell: I love strong, independent women who fluently speak sarcasm, and Veronica Speedwell (of the Victorian mysteries of the same name) is the poster child for that. She often makes her sidekick/partner (a grizzled taxidermist) blush and I’m so here for it! Also here for the moment they’ll eventually kiss!

Samwise Gamgee: Let’s be honest. He’s the real hero of The Lord of the Rings. He’s always by Frodo’s side, always helping, and resisting the temptation of the One Ring.

Nikolai Lantsov: I confess, I considered Rhysand, Jamie Fraser, Kaz Brekker, and a bunch of other guys, but in the end no-one beats Nikolai Lantsov. He’s a prince, he’s a pirate, he’s witty… and unfortunately, he’s fictional… Boo.

3 Unpopular Bookish Opinions

I don’t like movie tie-in covers: I tend to not like covers with photos of people, so movie tie-ins with the actors all over them are just a big no-no for me.

Not every great book needs a movie/TV show adaptation: I get why popular books get turned into movies or TV shows and I understand why fans of the books would want to see it. But I feel it often takes away a bit of the magic of the books. It never looks exactly you pictured it and the changes and things that are cut, are frustrating.

Love triangles are overrated: I’m not saying love triangles are always bad, but the majority of them just make me roll my eyes. It’s usually just such teenage drama (yes, my age is showing).

3 Popular Bookish Opinions

Nothing beats holding a physical copy in your hands: Ebooks are great and I can see why people love audiobooks, but I’m with the majority and prefer to read an actual book.

Bookish candles are great: I mean, not that I ever light them, I just like them looking pretty on my shelves. And occasionally I’ll open the jars and sniff them. That’s how it works, right?

Book boyfriends are the best: Mind you, not all love interests make great book boyfriends (looking at you, abusive and jealous alpha males), but the supportive, caring ones? YES! We need more Rhysands in our lives.

3 Favourite Book Covers

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, how am I supposed to even do this? It’s like choosing between your children. And there are days when I like one type of cover better, and then the next day I prefer something else. So these are my favourite covers of today (I think? Already doubting my choices):

3 Book Goals For The Year

Read 45 books: I read 40 books last year, so I wanted to challenge myself and read a couple more. I was doing well until early July, but I still have hope!

Work on that TBR list: By which I mean: don’t put every single book on your list, you silly goose. I’m trying to be a bit more selective and that TBR list is totally under control. Just joking, I’m at 187 “want to read” books on Goodreads. *sobs*

Reading the books I currently own instead of buying new ones: I’m not officially on a buying ban, but the pile of unread books on my shelves is steadily getting out of control (currently 14 books). But who am I kidding? I’ll just buy more pretty books anyway.

So let’s hear your popular and unpopular bookish opinions! Or tell me about 3 bookish things you love (or hate)!

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