June 2019 Fairyloot – Unboxing

June 2019 Fairyloot cover

July is well underway, so that means it’s time to take a look at the June 2019 Fairyloot box! The theme was “broody banter” and this box was filled with fun goodies! So without further ado, let’s dive in!

As always, we begin with the spoiler card, which comes with artwork by Taratjah on the back. You can see this artwork in the image at the top of this post. It’s pretty dark, but that fits the “broody” part really well, don’t you think?

Patch and reading journal

The first item is a patch designed by BookMark’d Tattoos. It’s inspired by the Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I haven’t read those books yet and I’m not a big fan of iron-on patches, but this one does look pretty awesome. It reads “I am being perfectly f*cking civil” and I love the dark green colour!

june 2019 Fairyloot patch

The second item is a reading journal. This is becoming somewhat of a tradition for the Fairyloot boxes, every 6 months we get a new journal. Its style matches both the previous journals *and* the theme of this month. The layouts are designed by FictionTeaDesigns, the artwork is by Monolimeart. There are pages where you can write down which books you read, which ones you want to buy, and so on. And of course there are gorgeous character portraits, including Nevernight’s Mia Corvere, The Cruel Prince’s Cardan, and Throne of Glass’ Manon!

june 2019 Fairyloot reading journal

Socks and pin

Next up, we have a pair of ankle socks! Notice the paw prints and the kitty! The quote “Simmer down, kitten” is from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout (which I haven’t read yet, so I can’t really say anything about it). I love the green colours, and these ankle socks are perfect to wear with sneakers during the summer!

june 2019 Fairyloot socks

The next item is an enamel pin, designed by Iron and Ink Designs. It shows an arrow or spear head dripping with blood, and the quote reads “Sometimes justice was all about the small victories”. This is a quote from Susan Dennard’s The Witchlands series, and in particular Aeduan. This series is on my To Read list, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet…

june 2019 Fairyloot enamel pin

Woodmark and tea

Up next: a woodmark, designed by Stella Bookish Art! The quote reads “He tasted of sweet liquor, every delicious dark dream she’d ever had”. This quote is from Elise Kova’s Air Awakens series. And yes, you guessed it, I haven’t read those books yet.

june 2019 Fairyloot woodmark

Luckily, the next item is inspired by a book that I have read: To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo! It’s a bag of tea, created by The Tea Leaf Co. and inspired by Lira. Its flavour is strawberry and kiwi, which is a combination I have never heard of before. But it sounds delicious and I think it might make a great iced tea as well!

june 2019 Fairyloot tea

Secret book and Zuko print

The next item has to be the most stunning and unique item ever in a Fairyloot box! It’s the “Secret Book of Banter” and is designed by Noverantale. Just look at that gorgeous cover and spine! And that’s not all… This book is actually and secretly a box you can hide items in! On the inside, you’ll find quotes from popular books like Nevernight and City of Bones. The lid closes with magnets, so it won’t accidentally fall open and spill your secrets.

june 2019 Fairyloot secret book

Up next we have something for fans of Avatar the Last Airbender: an art print of Zuko! And it gets even better: on the other side, there’s a comic about him as well. Both of these were drawn by Taratjah. I’ve never been a fan of this series, but this print and comic do look great!

june 2019 Fairyloot Zuko

Paper clips, tarot cards and more

Taratjah also designed the next item: a set of enamel paper clips. They feature, from left to right, Jacks from the Caraval series, a general quote that reads “Mad but fab”, Jace from The Mortal Instruments and Rowan from Throne of Glass. These paper clips look amazing and they are pretty big, so chances of losing them (which happens to me all the time with regular clips) are slim.

june 2019 Fairyloot paperclips

We have almost reached the bottom of the June 2019 Fairyloot box, but first we still have the tarot cards! Now that our set of Six of Crows characters is complete, we’ve moved on to the world of our favourite boy wizard, Harry Potter! These cards are designed by Loweana Art and feature Dumbledore (with Fawkes!) as the magician, and Draco Malfoy as Death (at first, I thought this could also be a young Tom Riddle, but his hair colour doesn’t match, so I’m assuming it’s Draco).

june 2019 Fairyloot tarot cards

And now, before we move on to the book of the month, we have a few extra items. The first one is a promo card for Shadow & Flame, the sequel to Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett. I read that first book last year (it was a featured book in a Fairyloot box) and really enjoyed it. So I’m looking forward to reading the conclusion to this duology! Furthermore, we also have a bookmark with this month’s artwork, and the Fairyscoop newsletter. This month, the newsletter even includes a deleted scene from the featured book!

june 2019 Fairyloot fairyscoop

The book of the month

Talking about the featured book of the June 2019 Fairyloot box… It’s Sorcery of Thorns, by Margaret Rogerson! I wasn’t crazy about her first book, An Enchantment of Ravens, because the world building seemed unfinished. But this book is 50 percent longer, so that means there’s plenty of time to develop this world filled with sword-wielding librarians, grimoires and romance. Elisabeth, raised as a foundling in a library, dreams of becoming a warden, tasked with protecting the kingdom against the power of the dangerous grimoires. When sabotage unleashes the most dangerous grimoire of all, Elisabeth is implicated in the crime and is forced to seek the help of her sworn enemy, the sorcerer Nathaniel, and his demonic servant.

june 2019 Fairyloot book

I am reading this book at the moment and it’s so good! And look at that cover. I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s slightly shimmery! This edition is a Fairyloot exclusive, with shimmery green sprayed edges, and it is signed by the author. And that character art… *swoon* It’s created by Arz28 and I’m in awe. Note the cute kitty! On the back of this print we also have a letter from the author.

june 2019 Fairyloot  overview

And that’s a wrap on the June 2019 Fairyloot box! My favourite items were the Secret Book, the tea and the ankle socks. And I can’t wait to read Sorcery of Thorns! What are your favourite items? Let me know in the comments below!

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