Whizzpop’s Game of Thrones candles – Unboxing

whizzpop's game of thrones

Hi everyone! I’m down with a cold, so I didn’t feel up to writing a long post. But I didn’t want to leave you without one either, so here’s a short unboxing for Whizzpop’s Game of Thrones candles!

It’s no secret that I love candles and I regularly buy new ones. Which is getting out of hand, because I never get around to burning them (why must they all look so pretty?!). So when I discovered a new candle shop through Instagram a while ago, I kept an eye on them. Last week, Sylvie opened her shop Whizzpop on Etsy. And of course I immediately ordered two candles. They were shipped the next day and arrived here a few days later.

The first thing I noticed, was the box. It was the perfect size for two candles, so they couldn’t move around too much inside. And take a look at how they were packaged! They were wrapped in paper (including a sticker with their logo), then wrapped in a sort of bubble wrap, and the box was stuffed with more paper as a buffer. I’m always anxious when I know a candle order is on its way, so I was really happy with how much thought was put in this package!

The box included a thank you note on a cardboard coaster with Whizzpop’s logo. But of course, you’re all curious about the candles, so let’s have a look! Small note: I don’t see any mention of their size anywhere on the label or on Etsy. But after comparing these jars to my other candles, I’m pretty sure they’re 7 oz. And let me tell you, that’s a lot of candle!

Dire Wolf

The first candle is called Dire Wolf. The label is fairly simple and minimalistic, but I like that. It lets the candle shine more. The wax is soy wax and isn’t dyed, making the candle off-white, perfect for the snowy theme, right? And just look at the inside of the jar! The candle is topped with glitter and it has a wax decoration of the Stark insignia from Game of Thrones! It’s just absolutely stunning, if you ask me. The scent is pinewood, spruce and sandalwood resin, which is also perfect for the North. It smells so fresh, like a forest walk in the snow.

Three Headed Dragon

The second candle is also inspired by Game of Thrones, and where Dire Wolf is ice, this one is fire. That’s right, it’s the Three Headed Dragon! Again the label is simple. This candle is black and as you can see, the wax shows some frosting on the sides (which is a normal thing for soy wax, so I don’t mind). Now let’s open the jar… and let me tell you, you are not prepared for this! Just look at that gorgeous Targaryen insignia *heart eyes*!

The red wax decoration contains glitter, and so does the top of the actual candle. I am absolutely in love with this one! The scent is peppercorn, patchouli and vanilla. This is a heavier scent than the Dire Wolf one, but it’s just as heavenly. Yes, even with a stuffed nose. I can only imagine how good this will be when I have my full sense of smell back.


I am sooooooo happy with these latest additions to my candle family! I need to reorganize my shelves (and buy a new one, IKEA, here I come!), but they will get the best spots so I can show them off to everyone!

That was all for today, I’m back to drinking tea and napping on the couch. But be sure to check out Whizzpop’s Etsy page. And don’t hesitate if you want one of these beauties, because they go fast. In fact, the Three Headed Dragon had a restock already, since I snatched the last one of the original batch a few hours after the shop first opened!

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