My 10 Favourite Witches from Literature – Halloween TTT

favourite witches from literature - top ten tuesday

Hi everyone! How are you all doing this week? I am doing pretty well and I’m slowly getting back into a reading habit. I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of October. That means it’s almost time to put up the Christmas tree and wrap up yet another year! But first, we still have Halloween to look forward to. For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday – hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl – we get to choose our own Halloween-related topic. I picked a list of witches (and female mages and other spellcasters) from literature, because who doesn’t love reading about women weaving spells?

Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter

We all love Hermione, right? And I can surely identify with her, but I also feel a sort of kinship with Luna, the weird outcast.

Safi – Truthwitch

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could discern truth from lies?! That’s Safi’s ability, but she has to keep her talents hidden because it would make her a target in the struggle between empires.

Louise Le Blanc – Serpent & Dove

Louise fled her coven and now lives in the city of Cesarine, where witches like her are hunted. Sounds like a lovely and stress-free life! Oh, and did I mention she ends up in a forced marriage with one of the witch hunters?

Fie – The Merciful Crow

Fie is the daughter of a chieftain of the Crows, the lowest caste in society. These folks can use teeth to perform magic. Grisly, and absolutely perfect for Halloween, if you ask me.

Triss Merigold – The Witcher

I know Geralt is all about Yennefer, but while reading the novels, I initially liked Triss more. She seemed like a nicer person.

Nina Zenik – Six of Crows

A Heartrender who can damage people’s organs, slowing one’s heartbeat or snatching air from lungs. Also loves waffles, and who can blame her?

Manon Blackbeak – Throne of Glass

I know the whole series is about Aelin, but I like Manon more. She’s such a fascinating and conflicted character, and I loved seeing her grow and evolve.

Ramita – The Moontide Quartet

Ramita is a market girl whose life is turned upside down when one of the most powerful mages in the world picks her as his wife. Pregnant with his twins, she starts to manifest strong magical abilities. I loved reading about Ramita’s evolution throughout this series!

Moiraine Damodred – The Wheel of Time

Anyone else looking forward to the Wheel of Time series on Amazon Prime? I sure am! Hopefully, the show does justice to this epic book series (unlike Game of Thrones’ final couple of seasons, ahem). I’m especially excited to see Moiraine come to life on the screen.

Morgaine/Morgan/Morgana – Arthurian legends

And finally, one of the archetypical witches, known by many names. While she’s often portrayed as the villain in retellings of these legends, I’ve always been drawn to this character. That might have been because of the Mists of Avalon book (and TV series) in which Morgaine is the main character and we explore her complicated character and position in the tale.

And those are my favourite witches in literature. Who’s your favourite? Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments and feel free to share this post if you enjoyed it. Happy reading and happy Halloween!


  1. Poinsettia

    Luna and Nina are definitely fun characters! Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  2. Aj @ Read All The Things!

    Ooh, this is an excelling post idea. I think Luna and Hermione will always be my favorite witches.

  3. Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense

    Safi is great, but I think Iseult is my favorite. I adore that series so much. I need my girls to end up happy and to be together again.

  4. masterspj

    The only one on your list I know is Luna, and I agree I relate to her over Hermione.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  5. stefani

    Yes on Triss and Nina. I’m currently reading the WOT series!

    Happy reading!
    My TTT

    1. An Dierickx (Post author)

      Ooh, I really loved that series (but don’t remember much of it)!

  6. Mareli Thalwitzer

    I will vote for Luna as well! |And Morgan from the Arthurian legends is such a classic. Great choices today!

    Happy Halloween and here’s my Ten Pets you can get at Stephen King’s Pet Shop

    1. An Dierickx (Post author)

      Thank you so much!

  7. Lori

    I’m a pretty big fan of Melissa F. Olson’s Boundary Magic series, featuring boundary witch Lex. I also love Catcher Bell from the Chicagoland Vampires series.

    My list—
    Happy TTT!

    1. An Dierickx (Post author)

      I don’t think I’ve heard of either of them, but I’ll go check them out! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  8. Lydiaschoch

    I didn’t know The Witcher was a novel! I thought it was only a TV show. 🙂

    My post:

    1. An Dierickx (Post author)

      It’s a whole series, with 5 or 6 main books and 2 prequels, if I’m not mistaken 🙂

  9. Greg

    I love reading about different interpretations of Morgana/ Morgan le Fay!

    1. An Dierickx (Post author)

      Same, I’ve always been fascinated by her!

  10. Anne Bennett

    I guess I don’t read witch-y novels since the only one I’m familiar with is Luna from your list. My Halloween freebie

    1. An Dierickx (Post author)

      I love fantasy, so I come across a lot of witches in those stories I guess 🙂


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