Best Of 2019 Book Awards

best of 2019 book awards

Hi everyone! It’s the final day of the year and that means it’s time for awards. But I’m going to do this a bit differently from what you’re used to. Since I read quite a lot of books that were published before 2019, I decided to look at the books I read this year instead of only 2019 releases. In every category I’ll list my personal favourite, and four runners-up in no particular order. I’ll also link to their respective reviews (if they’re available yet. If not, I’ll add them as soon as possible). So let’s go, here are my Best Of 2019 Books Awards!

Cover Lover

Let’s be honest: we all love beautiful covers and we’ve all added books to our TBR list just because of that. Here are my personal favourites of the year:

Best Standalone

Telling a story in just one book is quite an achievement. You have to introduce the characters, the conflicts and the setting, and then resolver everything, in just a couple hundred pages. That’s why I really appreciate a great standalone. Here’s my top five:

best standalone of 2019

Best Part Of A Series

As much as I enjoy standalones, I also like to lose myself in an multi-book series. Exploring the world, diving deep into characters’ emotions,… I love it! Here are my favourites:

Plot Twist

Predictable books would be quite boring, right? Enter the Plot Twist! Here are the five books with twists that had my jaw on the floor:

best plot twist of 2019


We all love swoony romance in our books. Two characters in a choreography of will-they-won’t-they, that’s just… *heart-eyes*. Here are my five swooniest books:

Best Retelling

Taking a well-known story and reshaping it into something fresh, that sounds hard. That’s why I want to shine a light on my favourite retellings of the year:

best retelling of 2019

Best Laughs

Life is serious enough as it is, so a book that makes you laugh is always welcome. Here are the five books that had me laughing out loud:

Best Of 2019

And finally, I want to list my top 5 favourite books I read in 2019. This was the hardest category to just pick 5, because there were so many amazing books!

the very best of 2019

And that concludes my Best of Books 2019! What were your personal favourites this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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